Website Widgets - Is it Love Or Gadget Overload

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A widget is a trendy web presentation tool, a portable chunk of code can be installed into a web page, to offer products, tidbits of information, free offerings, and a round up of web toys.
  The popular widget being more than a pretty face, can be interactive, informative, and make a web site sticky, but hazards are looming in this love affair.
  Some quick tips will help you avoid gadget overload.
  Use the widget for your content This may appear basic, but using a widget that reflects your content, in a good light, is a tool of presentation, and added value, whether it it in the form of product selection or popular information that compliments your content.
  On a lighter note, surveys, tips, facts, and such dailies can ease right into your web format.
  Provides value for your visitors Your widget is not for mere fancy, but should  provide value for your visitor, in the form of convenience, info, product selection, or timely articles on relevant subjects of interest.
  Not only can you add value, but a trendy interactive means, that provides sticky content for your site.
  Avoid widget clutter Rotate the look of your widget, and make a selection.
  Got to have it, want it, going to have it, and try it, but chose by value, and presentation.
  Clutter will only take away from, and confuse your visitors, as to what you have to offer.
  No, we cannot tuck widgets into every nook and cranny, or we are in dire risk of gadget overload.
Here I will use the I word.
  I am almost guilty.
  Those little boxes of gems are so clever.
  But do refrain from overdoing them.
  Weigh the value, and chose accordingly.
  Rotate your selection, test and keep the very best in value for your visitors.

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