Shapes Mind With Determination

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Tommy Lasorda, the well known baseball player once said "The difference between impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination". Many would agree with this, but not many would follow this. Many a time, we always hear people around us telling us things like "It's impossible", "It can't be done, this is too tough", "don't be silly, no one can do it" and many other negative things. Soon, these negative thoughts started to churn into our mind and neurons in our brain then generate the impulse to trigger the sub-conscious and conscious mind with "This is true, it can't be done". Followed by this, no action will be taken.

Impossible - I'm possible

A very clever British artist named Audrey Hepburn later diagnose the word "Impossible" to be "I'm possible", which in a way motivate people to think positively. She said, the No.1 reason people fail is lacked of determination. When one is determined, with "Do or Die" attitude and leave yourself with no retreat, the chance of succeeding would increase by many folds. It is very hard to teach "determination", the best advice would be Set a clear target, and tell your mind 5-7 times I must achieve this no matter what, then take consistent action. Napoleon Hill mentioned the story of a troop soldiers who went for war, being so determined to fight & conquer that they burned all their ships in his best selling book . It was the "Win or Die" determination that helped them conquered the land.

My Determination in Finishing 12km Race

It is never easy to complete a marathon. About an hour ago, I just completed my 1st 12km run non-stop. My previous record was about 6km run, and this time I decided to take a huge leap to challenge myself. I thought that I shall either Complete or Die half way while I was running half way, and my methodology was keep talking to myself that I can do it, that I should not give up. The reason I am eager to challenge myself is because recently my asthma is back after about 15 years, and I am currently consuming a type of steroid medicine. Hence I thought the best way to cure asthma naturally is through running and swimming. All the while, I would just run for about 5km (5km is already quite a challenge for me), and I am just glad that my determination had outstretch my limit.

So now, think of the things you want to accomplish, whether it is your long term dream or current job/assignment. Set a clear target, and tell your mind 5-7 times I must achieve this no matter what, then take consistent action. Good luck!

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