Are You a Traditional Marketer Looking to Find Updated Skills Online?

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Here are a few ways to make sure you do not miss out on finding updated skills online.
Job swap with your online colleague You could spend a day in each others shoes and gain an insight into the basics of online marketing.
You do not need to learn all the technical details right away but simply getting a basic overview of each online channel would be beneficial.
If you cannot do a full day then try and do one hour sessions regularly.
Ask your manager to consider you for the next online opportunity even if it is a side ways move.
Integrate you online and offline marketing You could integrate your channels, for example sending out your direct mail campaign with an online call to action.
This way you will be offering the customer choices and liaising with your digital colleagues to ensure the landing pages and tracking are set up correctly.
Join a number of social networking sites I am sure you will already have joined Facebook but explore other Web 2.
0 sites such as YouTube and Squidoo.
You can check out how online marketers are advertising on these sites and learn from them.
In marketing it is always a good idea to be on mailing lists to see what your competitors are doing, so there is no reason why you cannot learn about online channels through your own research.
Buy or sign up online to the latest Marketing Magazines These magazines are really useful for staying ahead of the curve on what's hot and what's not.
If you do not already have these at your workplace, either ask your boss if you can buy them or register yourself.
They are relatively inexpensive and packed full of all the latest online and offline marketing techniques and news.
If there is no marketing budget left then simply read articles online in your lunch break.
Training courses There are so many online marketing courses available to find updated skills online, from 1 hour overviews to Bachelor degrees.
Spend time researching the benefits and potential qualifications you may gain.
These are just a few tips to ponder on if you are a traditional marketer and want to make the move to online.
Whilst all the traditional channels have been tried and tested and have their place in the media mix, they can often be perceived as less sexy than online or Above The Line campaigns.
I am sure some of you will know exactly what I mean.
Remember though the fact that you are reading this means that you have decided to make changes in your life and learn new skills which is a positive move.

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