The Latest And Greatest Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014

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According to statistics 96% of local searches in 2013 were done via a mobile devices.
This will surely continue with the latest mobile marketing trends for 2014 and beyond.
With over 50% of Internet traffic coming from mobile devices and this figure is set to keep on rising in 2014.
Over 1,300,000 Androids not including counting iPhones, are activated every day.
If your website is not mobile friendly, people will not stay around and will go to the competition.
According to Tech 2 smartphone sales have rocketed, but only about 15% of websites are mobile friendly.
Just like 15 years ago when the pioneers were building out their websites on the Internet which was known as Web 0.
0, a lot of people and businesses chose not to adapt to this "big mistake".
We are now in Web 3.
0 and if people or businesses don't adapt to the change happening on the Internet, just like 15 years ago they will get left behind.
Understanding Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014 It is a busy world we live in and more and more people are mobile, so it goes without saying a great percentage of people are more than likely to be searching the Internet from a mobile device.
Businesses need to realize by not having their website mobile friendly, they are going to being leaving revenue on the table.
That revenue will be eaten up by their competitors who chose to mobilize their websites.
This new Web 3.
0 is not that complicated and the learning curve is a very simple concept.
It must be embraced.
and therefore businesses or Internet users can attract more customers or subscribers to a webpage with a much pleasant experience.
If a business has those proverbial roadblocks up and makes the experience of a customer or prospect an unpleasant one, they will leave that store or choose not to do business with them again.
Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014 That Help Website Owners Websites are hard enough to read on a small 3-5 inch screen, having to enlarge the screen just to read the font is frustrating for mobile device users.
Having a mobile ready website is going to be the best bet, because it's more than possible the customer or subscriber will come back and make a purchase of that business.
There is an incessant number of companies offering services to businesses or website owners to make their website mobile friendly.
Some research shows that these companies are not properly optimizing a website to be mobile friendly.
This is not only a let down for the customer it also has a great impact on their confidence to deal with such companies again.
There's the old saying you pay for what you get, and having pay the little bit extra rather than opting for the free option is going to be a much better investment.
Until now if a website owner wanted to have their website "mobile friendly" they had to just about take out everything at their website and have some basic items, virtually making their mobile website a shadow, or more plainly said a transparent version of their desktop website.

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