Why Pay Affiliates To Send You Customers When YOU Can Drive Them To Your Website For Free

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There are many different methods that people use to market their products and services.
One conventional method is to get affiliates that send traffic to your web site.

Places like Clickbank and Amazon associates are based on this principle and a huge focus
of many people selling products is to liaise with affiliates and pay them a commission
based on the sales that they have been able to make.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with using affiliates to get your product out to
people there is also a better way of doing things. Remember that when you pay an affiliate
a commission you are effectively paying them to do the work for you. So really, why pay
affiliates to send you customers when you can drive them to your website yourself...
for free?

How are you going to do this? It is going to be done through the noble art of search
engine optimization. We can call it an art because that is truly what it is. Unless you
really know what you are doing and have a lot of experience with optimizing websites for
search engines it can be very difficult to get yourself off on the right track.

In this sense it can really be an art and in order to get this art down you need to
understand the different factors of search engine optimization; on page factors and
off page factors.

On page factors relate to the keywords you are using. These keywords must be peppered
throughout the page in a proper density. If you can combine this with proper off page
techniques such as link building then you will definitely be able to make a splash in
the search engines with your website.

Once you have made this splash in the search engines you will be well on your way towards
getting the vast majority of your visitors to your website for free rather than having to
pay for them.

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