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Okay, I gave in and bought two books this week.
My favorite author has once again MASS published and I'm going to be one busy reader over the weekend.
But you CAN sell books just as fast, even if you aren't a highly recognized author right now, by promoting yourself and your books with content based marketing.
You need a platform.
Know your niche - when you understand your niche, the power to elevate their interest to your website becomes a simple matter of creating a dynamic those wonderful and appreciative folks can find a reason to CLICK.
Of course they want to know more than you told them in the first bit of information you gave away for free, and you'll want to SHOW them what they want.
Give them a reason to follow your links.
Informative, solution based articles will bring in more and more readers, because they find value in what you offer online.
Sell yourself first.
Show your personality - have some fun with your readers.
Nobody wants to read dry, boring material, even if it is the ultimate answer to their problem.
They want something fun, invigorating, and a little bit more interesting than the obituary column to save their sorry carcass from pure demise.
Punch it up a bit and add personality, pizzazz, and power to your content with fun reads that organize thoughts about topics in to easy to read bulleted paragraphs that hold interest and inform your reader.
Hold them hostage with great hooks.
Captivate your audience - give them enough information to keep them reading, but not so much that their interest is lost on the FREE content.
You don't want to bore them.
You need to provide information in such an interesting way that your reader is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for your next words - okay, that may be a bit much, but you do want them to be interested and moving on to the next bit of detail you provide.
Leave them with a hook that entices them to click on the next link.
You're still playing...
The power of content marketing is finding your niche and then following through with Quality Content that keeps the ball rolling for FAME and Popularity Status as you build your valuable content online.
Focus, people.
You might have noticed that this article is all over the place with content, words and phrases that take you down every which road in the country, but you kept reading because throughout the article there was purpose.
There was VALUE.
There was focus on the end content of driving success and making your content build your list, and increase your recognition online.

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