When It Comes To Seo, Content Is Still King

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Is a websites content really that important? If you want to rank well on search engines, yes. Search engines are all about content. When searchers type in a query on a search engine, it produces search results that show the most relevant content in its repository based on the keywords in the query.

Quality website content is king. Google handles about 34 000 searches per second. Think about that for a minute that is 2 040 000 searches per minute and 122 400 000 searches per hour. Consumers are looking for information and they want relevant, informative content.

In order for your website to appear on search engines result pages your website content has to be well optimised. Thats where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fits into a digital strategy. SEO comprises a number of factors, but your content and keyword strategy play an integral part in your overall natural search campaign. The goals you want to achieve through your SEO campaign (e.g. increase sales or offer informative content) will also have an influence on your websites content strategy.

Many website owners make the mistake of writing content for search engines by stuffing keywords into the copy. This results in the website copy being difficult to read for human users a sure way of losing website visitors. First and foremost always write for your human traffic, then go back to the content to see where you can fit in relevant keywords without breaking the flow of the copy. Internet users are more likely to scan online copy, so content needs to flow easily and logically. To make it easier for visitors to scan your web copy, bold the keywords and key-phrases you want them to pay attention to.

An analytics package will tell you how visitors engage with your website and which pages have the highest exit rates. A high exit rate on a certain page could indicate that visitors are not finding what they are looking for on that page. There is no excuse for not making use of an analytics package, especially since there are numerous free options available (like Google Analytics).

Our next couple of blog posts are going to focus on SEO tips and myths so be sure to keep an eye on the blog!

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