Shock, Horror - A Person Brave Enough For Self Discovery Reels in Awe

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Is the purpose of life to grow personally and thereby play your part in the growth of humanity as a whole? If so, then it begs the question who are you really? You could say you are a father, a daughter, a brother, a girlfriend or a friend.
You could define yourself in terms of your personal relationships to others, but when you think about it, this is more about them than you.
It is also who you are in connection to someone else.
This is one of the hats you wear, but it isn't who you are.
How about what you do for a living? I am a cleaner, a flight attendant, a mechanic, a teacher, a farmer, a doctor, a public servant...
They are all roles you fulfil each day, but are they really who you are? If so, what happens when you change jobs or you retire? Do you lose some of who you are? Do you change who you are? Do you stop being who you were and become someone else? I don't think so.
Is it what you own? Are you defined by how many or how few possessions you have? How about what you look like? Surely we could determine who you are by what you are on the outside? No? You could also say that who you are is a product of your upbringing and the decisions you have made in the past.
You could say that except that in the next second you could make a choice which changes who you are forever from that point forward.
So, if you're not your relationship with others and you're not what you do for a living, what you own or what you look like and you're not your past...
then WHO are you? Whatever answer you come up with, who you are is so much more than any of those things.
You are bigger than the roles you undertake, your body, the things you own, what you do for a living.
You are much bigger than what has happened to you in the past.
In fact, I think if you were ever brave enough to strip away all the layers you cover yourself in...
all the roles, the beliefs, relationships, customs, habits and culture, external experience past experiences that you would find something so magnificent and pure and glowing with such strength and brightness that you would have difficulty comprehending your personal magnificence.
It is almost as though it is safer for us to hide behind the massive wall of things which limit who we are, rather than face the enormity of who we are and what we are capable of.
What if humans were capable of being and doing so much more than they allow themselves to? What would it mean for the world if we all stepped into who we could truly be? What if we allowed ourselves to step into our personal magnificence? I think the outcome of each and every one of us stepping up as we did, extending our hands to help others step up would be the type of world and the type of community I would love to live in.
What do you think?

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