How To Project And Build Your Confidence

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Confidence: that elusive capacity to project strength, wisdom, leadership and competence in the face of extraordinary -- or, even ordinary -- circumstances, even while we feel like collapsing on the inside. What this means, is that in every particular situation we exude the desired characteristics that make associates believe we are calm, collected and have the talent to pull through to the other side. In short, we believe in ourselves and we give folks grounds to believe in us, too. This gift to project confidence will stretch a long way in helping us be triumphant in life. This is especially accurate in the business world, where projecting any sign of weakness is construed as an lack of ability to get the job finished effectively and efficiently. When you stop to think about how your point of view will viewed by your boss and your colleagues, you can realize why it is critical to be as in no doubt in your abilities as possible. Not merely will this get you promoted in the place of work, but associates will seek your wisdom and expertise in their own assignments which can in addition help you boost your career to the next level by being known as a leader in the place of work.

Additionally, having confidence helps us obtain the things out of life that we covet. For instance, if you choose to ask someone out on a date, they are more likely to say "okay" if you are well spoken, clear and concise versus fumbling over your words and dropping your head so as to evade eye contact. In fact, eye contact is the single characteristic that folks -- when surveyed -- believed was the biggest thing in whether or not they had confidence in someone else's abilities. In fact, having good eye contact and maintaining it provides the other person with feelings honesty, confidence, and trust in how they perceive you to be as a person. This will go a long way in helping you exhibit a upbeat image, one of strength and the gift to get things completed -- both professionally and personally -- rather than giving someone pause in how they might perceive you. Even if you do not feel it on the inside, it is essential to project in your outward appearance and behaviors that you are a person who believes in yourself. This will, in turn, provide others with the confidence they need in order to believe in you as well. Without this power, you may possibly notice yourself in a very isolated setting in your place of work and your home life that possibly will leave you very sad.

So, now the question becomes how to build the confidence levels you need to interrelate in the day to day world so that you can reach the goals you have in life. For many people, this is going to be the hardest part of breaking out of their usual behaviors, but with hard work and practice, it can be done. The first, and best place to start, is by starting up random conversations with folks you come in contact with. Do not start large, though, your solution to success is going to be doing what you can deal with and building from there. It is best to start with something innocuous like the weather or a major current event. The conversation itself does not have to be more than a few minutes long, and while you are speaking, practice eye contact and speaking with a clear calm that will get your opinions across succinctly and in a way that is effortless to understand. By doing this several times a day, you will start to feel more comfortable and positive in the things you have to say, this will, of course, seep into your entire life and you will be well on your way to developing the confidence you want.

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